A “Normal” Weekend

May 16th – You don’t know how nice normal feels until things aren’t. Watching someone in excruciating pain doesn’t make for a great vacation even if you are on an exotic island. That was three months ago already. Friday the 13th didn’t bring anything bad but it also didn’t bring us the news of a match either. The weekend brought us a little normalcy. I worked at the store Friday and Saturday and it was fairly busy; normal for this time of year and weather. We had friends visit Saturday night and enjoyed a meal at the local Pub before having a bonfire and enjoying the beauty of our backyard. Sunday, I did my store cooking/prep work and we took the ’84 to Luke & Alli’s cottage to try some fishing. It rained just long enough to chase us off the lake but not too long to make it impossible to mow the lawn for them. We headed back for supper of pork chops, mashed potatoes and asparagus. Finished it off with my favorite rhubarb custard pie and ice cream. It was wonderful to have him eating right along with me! Fingers crossed for another week with pain under control and a hearty appetite. We will take a few “vanilla” weeks before we enter the next chapter of this anything but normal year.

We purchased this 1984 Square Body back in December 2021 – the best purchase ever.

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