Ducks and Lambs

May 12th – Patience is a virtue; one I wasn’t blessed with. The latest challenge is dealing with AFLAC. If approving the cancer claim takes much longer, I will be cooking their goose – I mean duck! Automation is great but when you receive over 20 emails asking you for the same thing that doesn’t exist; it gets a little annoying. They are insisting on a biopsy to prove that Scott has cancer. Well – with blood cancer there isn’t going to be a tumor to biopsy. And you don’t get a certificate that says “Congratulations, you officially have cancer”. It would be nice if they would just pick up a phone and talk to me but they don’t provide you with a phone number of a live being either. Our agent is trying but with little success. Once we get through this initial speed bump, I think the policy will prove very beneficial; time will tell. We are also attempting to patiently wait for Dan and the other siblings results from the Match testing. Thanks to all the young folks that have requested and sent in their test kits already. I know many of you are disappointed with the 40-year cutoff but I suppose that the testing is costly and they want people that can remain in the database for a long time.

Tonight, it’s cool enough to enjoy the back deck. Nothing better than a cool spring evening watching and listening to all the wildlife. Our backyard blooms are pretty impressive right now too. The week has been pretty uneventful. Grateful for no terrible pain episodes but not feeling good enough for any great adventures.

This photo is one of my favorites from when we had a group down for a farm tour. It’s been hard for Scott to watch all the farm activities and know that he hasn’t been there to help out. Thankfully help has presented itself and Steve hasn’t had to go this totally alone. Hopefully Friday the 13th will turn into a great day of good news; if not, we will continue to be patient knowing that God has a plan.

Great friends and adorable lambs

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