Early Diagnostics

As I build this blog, I am rereading my Facebook posts and am over-whelmed with what I read.  We were obviously on auto-pilot.  How were we making it through the days with information like this? 

March 4, 2022 – Findings on the hips and pelvis are the main concern at this time. The report indicated that “lucent lesions seen throughout the pelvis and both hips is consistent with metastatic bone disease.” Metastatic would mean that cancer from another part of his body has spread and settled in the bones and we are not yet convinced that is true. Recent images of the chest and head were clear. Nothing in the bloodwork shows that there is anything going on in the kidneys, liver or prostrate. Results of the bone marrow scan didn’t indicate cancer in the blood but there was a notation that the sample was partially clotted and that the sample should be interpreted with caution.

It’s really hard to not try and be an internet doctor when the real doctors don’t seem to be moving fast enough to care for your loved one. We are quickly learning that the land of medicine doesn’t operate as efficiently as we would like. Sadly, many of you have already learned that and this is still our first rodeo.

Our focus right now is to find a pain management program that allows him to be comfortable. He has more blood work scheduled for Monday. He has a PET scan scheduled for March 14th. That will be a full body scan that will show us exactly where the cancer is located. He has been accepted at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and has his first appointment there on Monday, March 28th. They have indicated that we will want to plan on 7-10 days there for a multitude of tests.

Our Wedding – August 2014

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