No PET Scan for You

Taken from Scooter’s Flock – March 12, 2022

Ok – I need to be thankful we live here and not the Ukraine – but our health care system continues to blow me away. Having lived in my comfortable little bubble for so long I had no idea how this all worked. You can’t get the necessary pain medicines because they have to prevent you from addiction, you can’t get the tests you need because the doctors haven’t convinced the insurance company that you need it.

I’m not blaming my particular insurance company or group of doctors because I think it’s all the same; every business in every city is under-staffed and over-worked. Only we aren’t talking long lines and shorter hours at your favorite fast-food joint; we are talking about human lives.

We got the call that the PET scan for Monday – scheduled 10 days ago – had been cancelled due to the fact that the insurance company hadn’t yet approved it. That led to a big circle jerk of everyone blaming the other; everyone ending their conversation with some version of “enjoy the rest of your day”.

Rather than hang our hopes on the reschedule date, we are focusing on being totally prepared to go to Mayo Clinic. The test can be done there, we just hoped that it would be already completed so a plan for treatment would be that much closer. If by some chance it happens before we leave, I’ll let you all know.

This post requires that I pull out the big dogs, probably my favorite vacation picture of all times. My big, strong cowboy on our trip to Jamaica in 2020. So thankful that we didn’t wait to take these incredible annual vacations.

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