The Waiting Game

My husband is/was a quiet, gentle and happy soul.  He loved farming and working with the cattle and sheep; but what seemed like over-night, he could only sit and watch what was going on at the farm.  News of his illness traveled quickly through our small community where his family has been a part of for six generations.  The Village Park was recently rejuvenated and bears the family name after Scott’s great Uncle Ferris.  It didn’t take long to realize that calling and texting everyone updates were going to be too much.  With much hesitancy, Scott agreed that it would be helpful to build a social media site to keep friends and family up to date on his condition.  In no time at all our private page “Scooter’s Flock” was being followed by over 250 people.  Along with the benefits of keeping everyone up to speed, the writing proved to be very therapeutic.  Typing didn’t seem as painful as saying the words out loud. 

March 10, 2022 – Thirsty Thursday now means Herbalife shakes and Boost. We had high hopes for the new meds but they have been letting us down. A couple bad nights back-to- back. Two to three hours of shooting pains leave him exhausted. We’ve developed a strategy of dealing with the episodes; much like lamaze. Deep breathing, focusing and a lot of hand squeezing. This week’s blood work basically just told us what we already knew – that his body is under duress as it fights whatever this is. Thankfully the PET scan for Monday the 14th is a few days closer that it was.  We did get some good news Wednesday; the AFLAC duck will be helping us pay for gas and lodging for our trip to Mayo Clinic. Seems like yesterday that we were taking our engagement pictures. This fall we will officially have a full team roster when my daughter gets married in October.

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