Jumping In with Both Feet

The Motto for 2022 that I didn’t choose

I love the water but I’m not a great swimmer.  Take me to the middle of the calm lake and I’ll be one of the first ones to jump off the boat.  Feet first with toes pointed down with the intention of heading all the way to the bottom, only to bounce back up to the surface.  Experiencing the changing temperatures as I go; sometimes with eyes wide open and always with my nose plugged.  What I consider the perfect balance of courage, adventure and self-preservation.  I can free float with the best of them, but don’t expect me to swim to save myself.  These analogies pretty much sum up my personality and skill-set; things I take with me as I head into the scariest adventure of my life.  Realizing that the trials and tribulations that got me to where I am today were the life events that didn’t kill me; but made me strong enough to tackle the task at hand.  Pausing daily life to tackle cancer.  As my husband prepares for a stem cell transplant, I hope to share what I have learned on our journey in hopes of making someone else’s experience just a little more manageable.   


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