From Twenty-Five to Two

May 19th – We started off the day with some rather disappointing news; brother David was a perfect match but they won’t let him donate because of his existing health issues. We can’t help but wonder why they even tested him when we told them up front that he had multiple health issues. Why would you put us through the disappointment of knowing he matches but can’t donate. Why put him through the heartache of wanting to help, knowing he’s the perfect match and then saying no you can’t. We continued on with our day as usual and until we got an unexpected call from our coordinator Maureen late this afternoon.

She wondered if we had talked to the siblings and heard the news; we actually hadn’t heard complete confirmation from everyone but had a sneaking suspicion that there were no matches other than David. She shocked us by continuing to say that while David’s match was disappointing, they felt it more promising to follow up with the matches found on the registry. We were both so taken back; we aren’t positive of what she said, but we believe she said there were 25 partial matches located. They had narrowed it down to five and then two. WHAT??? Yes!!! They are working with two potential donors to have make sure they are still willing and able to participate. If not; there are three more second string players in the wings!

So, we will continue to wait some more but now knowing that the chances are real; we are pretty excited. We will continue to welcome your prayers and wishes that at least one of these two (or five) find it in their hearts and schedules to continue with us to save Scott’s life. It sounds like Scott would not go to the hospital to begin chemo until the stem cells have been collected and are safely stored at U of M.

We are hoping to get away for a few days soon to do a short vacation before things get serious. They still think it will take until July to get everything in place but it seems a little more real tonight. Tomorrow, he has a pulmonary function test and next week an echocardiogram. Preparation is in the works!

We haven’t visited our favorite local brewpub since returning from vacation but felt a celebration was in order. Scott enjoyed his Barq’s Root Beer and I enjoyed my Shadow Dog. He wasn’t hungry enough to eat out but did have a craving for some raisin bread French toast so I obliged. One step closer to the other side!

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