Life’s Ups and Downs & The Magic Dish

May 24th – Scott had his first EPO injection today. It is to stimulate red blood cell production and hopefully give him more energy. In order to get it he had to see Doctor O again. We haven’t heard from him since his appointment back in mid-March; before Mayo Clinic. He was his cancer doctor for 10 years and he never reached out to us at all to find out how Scott was doing or anything. Guess I’m naive to think he might be interested. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to bring myself to go to that appointment; I drove him there but chose to sit in the waiting room. If you can’t say anything nice; don’t go in.

Scott’s had some minor fainting spells; mainly from getting up to quickly. We had quite the excitement the other night. I was down in my office when I heard a terrible crash. I ran up to find him getting up off the floor. I quickly urged him to stay down and wait a minute – with no luck. He attempted to pop back up like some kind of inflatable punching toy. Like it never happened. This time he starts to weave again and I go to grab him to keep him from hitting his head on the coffee table. Only my sudden movement caused him to fall backwards and we landed in a pile on the living room floor. All the while I’m having visions of calling 911 to report that we have fallen and can’t get up. We both ended up with minor cuts and bruises but thankfully no hospital visits were required. I expect to hear this from my parents but not be a party to it myself at the vibrant age of 58! O.k. I know – vibrant and 58 don’t go together. Ugh!

There have been no updates from U of M on the potential donor progress so we will try and head up to the family cabin in Canada for a few days. If we are in Ann Arbor in July we can’t miss a 3rd summer vacation up there. It will be long john and sweater weather but we’re looking forward to seeing the place again.

This post’s photo is of my magic dish. This beautiful dish showed up in the mail around the time of my birthday in March. No card, no clue where it’s from. Just showed up magically. Sunday I made scalloped potatoes and ham; we ate late and hardly put a dent in them. Monday night I came home from work and it was empty and in the sink. I immediately thought we must have left it out on the counter all night. Shoot – must be he threw them out?? Nope – he ate them. ALL of it! Magically like the bowl appeared, his appetite appeared and he ate the whole bowl full! We need to a few more days like that. Dr. O was shocked by his weight loss and said we really need to work on that before he can have a transplant. So I’m off to look for some new recipes to bake in my beautiful magic dish! Have a great week everyone!

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