June 28th – Since first being introduced to Scott, I have always referred to him as the tall, skinny and shy sheep farmer. I’m sure pretty sure his first impression of me was the short, plump, loud-mouthed loan officer from Farm Credit. I never imagined myself being attracted to the tall and thin type and he has openly admitted that while his plan was to not look for a second wife at all, he wouldn’t have searched out a vertically challenged woman with lots of cushion either.

Our current situation has weight on the forefront. After eating healthy for most of his adult life, he has often been concerned that my love of cooking and my abilities have led him down a path of unhealthy eating. He’s always said that he didn’t mind that I was heavier than I should be as long as it didn’t lead to health problems; he just wanted a healthy wife. Yet here we are. I’m struggling with stress eating when I would prefer to lose weight for my daughter’s upcoming wedding and the doctor in Kalamazoo is concerned about his low weight going into surgery.

I haven’t figured out how it happened, but deep in our brains, we just have different views of eating. While I had successfully coerced him onto the train of eating for pleasure, his brain has told him to jump off and go back to healthy eating. While shopping recently, he went off to search for groceries for the house while I did some shopping for the store. Knowing that his goal needs to be eating for weight gain, he gleefully returned with a cart full of healthy eating diet food. Low fat yogurt, granola bars and bran cereal. Not kidding! He’s got the green light to eat all the fat he wants and that is what he is honestly hungry for. Give me the green light and I’m running for the real butter, ice cream and spinach dip! So why is it our minds are so different? I am a confessed stress eater and he is craving healthy foods. I’m thinking that maybe a weight loss hypnosis session might be worth a try; maybe for both of us.

What’s totally crazy about this situation is that according to some websites, Scott’s BMI still isn’t at the healthy level; as in he would still need to lose a little weight yet to be consider at a healthy weight. He has very little meat on his bones and his muscle mass has been greatly diminished. I lovingly refer to him now as my Ethiopian man; he’s that thin. I’m not dwelling on it but I could probably lose half my body weight and be just about right for the BMI experts. So, as I plan to tackle the world’s health care problems in my upcoming retirement, I have added righting the BMI charts to that list of things to do.

Disclaimer: This article was written solely for the purpose of entertainment and not intended to solicit unwelcome suggestions about how I can successfully take off weight. I’m sure it will trigger my Facebook feed to be full of weight loss posts but that’s another article. I’m in no state of mind to commit to anything other than seeing him through this right now. My plate is full and I guess that’s what got me here.

Scott and I at a Farm Bureau Function – just having fun.

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