1st Blood Transfusion

June 25th – Wow – it appears at 15 days have passed since I’ve posted an update. Time flies even when you aren’t having fun! We’ve had no real new news on the transplant other than the insurance has approved the procedure. Which we were expecting but still need to be thankful for. They are currently working with 4 individuals to determine which one will be the best candidate. Still they are estimating another 4-6 weeks before the procedure.

Scott continues to have good and bad days. Still his spirits are very good; most times better than mine.

Monday we went to U of M for a check-up. Dr. Pettit was pleased that his spleen was greatly reduced and that he reported an increased appetite. He did end up getting his first blood transfusion; only one unit with the hopes of increasing his energy level. He also got another EPO injection on Tuesday in Kalamazoo. All that left him extremely tired but by the end of the week feeling a little better.

Tonight we were happy to participate in the celebration of his sister Kathy’s retirement. Tomorrow he will celebrate a belated Father’s Day with his kids while I travel to Ohio to attend my daughter’s Bridal Shower. It feels good to be able to participate in celebratory events like normal people.

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