Back to Reality

As the saying goes; all good things must come to an end. Such was true with Scott’s vacation to Canada. Not to say that it was all sunshine and roses, but he had a relaxing time overall and the weather was terrific. I feel like it’s only natural to find that tensions arise when you combine an aging parent and a heavily medicated adult child. Moms will be moms and adult men don’t enjoy being mothered. To some degree, I was almost relieved to see minor issues arise as it made me feel better to know that his frustrations were not limited to dealing with me. Pain and medication change people; even mild-mannered people like Scott.

Along with the great weather, we enjoyed some great fishing. We landed a few large bass, with the largest being just over 7 pounds and at 22 inches. A newborn baby! Everything was catch and release other than the nice size pike. Grama O loves her pike so it was fun to be able to provide her a meal. The kids took a lot of great pictures that will help us remember yet another memorable trip to the cabin. The week before the kids (Luke and Alli) and I arrived gave Scott a chance to spend time with his sister and her family. Reliving childhood memories as he watched his great-niece and nephew play in the river and enjoy the rope swing. Walking the beach with the dogs and fishing with his nephew are things he will always remember.

We received a call Friday on the way home and things are starting to fall into place. They are working on some appointments for Scott at U of M next week in final preparation for the transplant. They proposed a date for admission to the hospital. We should know for sure next week. As much as we want this to happen and start the road to recovery there is still a sense of panic as we – I – start thinking of all that needs to be in place to leave home for an extended period of time. All the things we wanted to get done before we go are suddenly coming due.

Today finds the weather sticky and a bit dreary and Scott is feeling really drained. Looks like a good day for a nap….or two.

Captain Scott at the helm
Alli was Scott’s net girl this year; showing one of our smaller catches this year
Looks like a man on some good drugs doesn’t it? LOL

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