Destination – Mayo Clinic

Zeus left for doggy daycare on Saturday.   We headed out for Minnesota about 8:15 a.m. Sunday morning and are less than an hour away already.  Scott has been snoozing the whole way in his comfy make-shift bed. 

Monday, March 28th – We met with the lead doctor this morning. We were so pleased that he listened to Scott’s story and was as puzzled and frustrated as we are that so little has been done to get to the bottom of things.  Based on his review of the blood work, he feels this is very serious.  It didn’t take him long to have all kinds of blood work ordered and a PET scan scheduled for 1:45 TODAY.   This is the same test that they have said to be waiting for approval for in Kalamazoo for WEEKS.  More blood work first thing tomorrow and another consult at 12:45. Right now the hematologist appointment is set for Friday but they have us on the cancellation list.

While Scott isn’t able to drink with all the medication he’s on, and he wasn’t wearing his favorite vacation shirt, we were certainly feeling celebratory as things are headed in the right direction. Getting to the bottom of this. Our home away from home is so cute and comfortable and getting back and forth is very easy. Everything about this trip feels right.

Tuesday – Thursday, March 29 & March 30th – Waiting, testing, eating and sleeping.  Mostly eating for Tal and I.  We stress eat and nothing sounds good to Scott other than oatmeal.  Dan and Kelly had an amazing spread delivered one night that fed us for a few meals; that was a terrific surprise.  Scott joins us off and on for movies when the pain meds are working which isn’t as much as we would like. 

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