Concert Memories – with Proof

April 7th – According to Facebook, 3 years ago we were at the Kenny Chesney Concert. I don’t think it was quite as eventful as the Keith Urban concert in 2018 where Tal and Scott embarrassed the kids by dancing in the isles at Van Andel while the lights were on during intermission.  That was the same concert that they pirated a B-93 banner or two after the concert and told every young pretty girl that would listen that they were taking over the Morning Show for Neal and Reese on B-93 the following Monday.  Cindy was taking photos and telling them to look for them on the B-93 website the following day.  Scott was really out of his comfort shell that night and loving it.  A great time was had by all…. 

Today wasn’t nearly that eventful but I did talk to the pharmacist and the prescription for Jakafi is on its way. It was another frustrating process but in hindsight if they are willing to pay 100% of a prescription that is said to cost $15k a month, and could potentially give us our Scooter back, I guess I will let the insurance company tell me where it has to be purchased from and wait a couple extra days while they work out the details. More answered prayers for an affordable co-pay!!

Next week we hope he will feel well enough to go to a concert in Shipshewana that we planned months ago for my parents’ anniversary gift. It’s not a long drive for us and it’s a very comfortable low-key theatre. Fingers crossed we can get him there!

Thanks again for the continued messages and prayers!

Concert Craziness with Tal and Cindy in Grand Rapids back in 2018

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